September Magazines

My wife always seems to get excited around halfway through August when all the September fashion Magazines start arriving. Apparently they are a big deal, some are the size of a phone book (remember those) and I find myself feeling sorry for our mailman Don whose recent knee surgery might have been due to last years crop of behemoth periodicals. This year, though I was the one pacing, waiting for Don to deliver my batch of September Magazines. Unlike the fashion mags, the fishing mags arrive just before the end of the month and right before the long Labor Day weekend.

So this holiday weekend I get to enjoy 3 magazines which include images of mine: A Florida Sportsman article on Spartina Grass by Ed Mashburn which is illustrated by my photography, an article I wrote and shot last Summer for Southwest Fly Fishing on the Taylor River in Colorado and maybe my favorite, a photo essay in Eastern Fly Fishing on family fly fishing in the Smokies featuring my beautiful wife and daughters getting it done in the mountains.

September Fishing Magazines with Photography by Jason Stemple

September Fishing Magazines

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